quarta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2008

Na recta final, vale tudo

Falta pouco, falta pouco para o 4 de Novembro. Daí que o Obama não se tenha esquecido de mim:

Dear Emídio, Election Day is exactly two weeks from today. But right now, we're facing an urgent deadline that will determine exactly where we can compete -- and how fiercely -- in the final push. On Friday morning, we have to make the final, hard decisions about deploying our resources. That means your support by Thursday at midnight is absolutely vital. Your first donation of $10 or more will provide resources urgently needed before the deadline. And you'll receive a limited edition Obama-Biden car magnet.

Não sei se deu para reparar neste detalhe. Fui promovido: de Emídio, passei a Dear Emídio. Falta pouco, falta pouco.

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